When I asked Chandrima about her top 4 favorite desserts, she admitted that thinking about a few top favorites will be tough. But, only because she has over 20 in mind that qualify for the list.

“I have a terrible sweet tooth that I need to feed constantly, so, yes, I make different types of desserts and instantly fall in love with them,” says Chandrima. “However, I will certainly share four among them which are closest to my heart and also very easy to make.”

Read below as Chandrima talks about her favorite desserts and why she cannot get over them. I have also attached a link to the recipes which you will need if you are a big time foodie just like me.

Cake Crumble Cream Cheese Jars with Red Wine Strawberries

“If you have some leftover cake slices, you can crumble them to make this dessert. One of the reasons I love this recipe is because it was hand-picked for the Better Homes and Gardens India Magazine. These delectable cream cheese jars can be made effortlessly and will surely be the highlight of your day. Starting from the Red wine flavored Strawberries, Cream Cheese layer to the Red Velvet Crumble, the flavors perfectly compliment each other thus providing you with an enriching taste.”

 Dudh Puli

“Pithe is a traditional Bengali sweet ideally prepared during the winter season. Coming from a Bengali household, one of my top favorite desserts is Dudh Puli. It’s a ritual to make Pithe-Payesh in every Bengali household and my mom is considered to be an expert when it comes to making Pithe. This family heirloom recipe belongs to my Ma who learnt it from my maternal grandmother. If you’re making Pithe for the first time and looking for an easy recipe then you can definitely try this.”

Sheer Khurma

“After moving to Delhi, I have certainly grown fond of some of its rich Mughlai Cuisine and Sheer Khurma without a doubt is on the top of my mind. There are many recipes of Sheer Khurma which vary little by little from different homes. I learnt this delicious dessert from my maternal aunt who married into a Muslim household. It can be easily prepared and with Eid ul-Fitr less than a month away, this popular Mughlai Dessert Recipe will surely come in handy.”

Jamun Mousse

“This tempting Jamun Mousse is made with one of my favorite summer Jamun fruit. I couldn’t end the list without telling you about this gorgeous dessert. This recipe just like others is very easy to make and can be easily doubled as per your need. A spoonful of this rich, smooth and creamy dessert is equal to heaven!”

Well, I am not that fond of cooking but these desserts certainly look delicious and I cannot wait to try some of Chandrima’s recipes. If you too, try your hand at one or all of these, don’t forget to tell me in the comments below. Also, if you want to try some more of Chandrima’s easy and delicious recipes do visit ‘Not Out of the Box

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