Megha is Mumbai based Software Developer with an endless desire to have it all. She has been a professional dancer, runs her own Fashion and Lifestyle blog ‘The Good Life‘ and also owns a Fashion Store-  k r a y . She started blogging during her final year in engineering during her free time and gained 13.6K following base within a year.

Even as a little girl, Megha always loved learning, entertaining, being creative and spreading good vibes. Academics and co-curricular activities have always been equally important in her life right from her childhood. Her love for science and art led her to pursue engineering in computer science and also learn dance.

We caught up with Megha Ray to get some insight into how she has managed to support multiple careers.

1. How do you manage to juggle between three contradictory fields?
I’ve always made it a point to push myself beyond limits and try to pave my way through hurdles. Juggling between three contradictory fields isn’t easy at all. As a kid, I had always wanted to be a lot of things. A lot of my friends were always very clear about what they wanted to be in life, what career they wanted to pursue and what their ‘passion’ was. But I was never clear, never sure. When people would ask me – ‘What is your passion?’ , I’d have different answers at different times and wonder what was wrong with me. Why didn’t I know what was that one thing that was supposed to be my passion? Over time, as I grew up I realized that passion, just like all other feelings is volatile. Instead of wasting my time looking for what my ‘passion’  is, I decided to live in the present and put my heart and soul into things I’ve always wanted to do and the things that were currently in my hand. That definitely made life better for me and kept me motivated. Now all I want to do is keep getting better each day, keep working hard to make that happen. My desire is to not die mediocre. To achieve great things and help people around me to achieve them too! To be self-sufficient and capable of doing good to the society in the long run. Besides, doing creative things sets me free and the feeling of freedom is everything.

2. What inspired you to start ‘The Good Life’?
I started blogging during my final year in engineering during my free time and I just completed a year. Initially, I started with outfit posts on Instagram and eventually as I kept receiving more and more love for my content, I started blogging too. It helped me express fashion, food, beauty, lifestyle, and life elaborately. My blog – The Good Life is my baby and working for it really gives me a lot of perspective not just in the field of fashion or beauty but also in life. A variety of people also inspire me every single day. Anyone or anything that makes me feel like there is more to life, makes me feel good about myself and to hustle, by being humble and helpful all the while inspires me.

3. Your personal Fashion Mantra? Does that also represent your Fashion Store?
Identifying what clothes make you feel most confident. Brands and labels don’t matter as much as the fit and feel. Understand your personal style, do some research, get inspired but you need not copy or compare your personal style with someone else. We are all different and unique and so is our style.

I love minimal Fashion and that’s the idea behind my store too. Kray doesn’t have a lot of jazzy stuff but you will find basics, solids and corporate outfits in abundance.

4. You have a huge following base on Instagram. How do you promote your Instagram account and gain followers?
When I started, Instagram’s algorithm was different from the current one and the reach used to be better. Ever since Instagram has started with the promotion features, the reach is getting restricted and more people are using the promotion feature to reach out to their desired audience. However, I still believe that if you focus on quality content, you will capture the attention of your target audience. I only believe in making different and effective content and value quality over quantity. So, I don’t bother myself much with the number of followers I have. I rather have a few engaged followers rather than tons of inactive followers.

5. How do you monetize your blog?
As for as monetizing is concerned I only work with brands. I give my terms to the brands that contact me and if it works with them as well, we take it further.

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